Cheryl looks very hot in her birthday - Cheryl Cole Sexy Photoshoots

After a vacation with her husband, Ashley Cole, Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole celebrates birthday-26 in Vanilla London. Her mother, Joan also came to give utterance to her beloved. But there was something odd, what the hell?

Cheryl was dressed too sexy, Cheryl even spit breasts. thus an easy target of the paparazzi.

With ivory dress, Cheryl's side of the breast clearly visible, even close to her stomach. Of course, these precious moments are not wasted dozens of paparazzi who waited for Cheryl and her husband.

As quoted from The Sun, Cheryl held a birthday at Vanilla London, attended several of her friends, including her fellow judges on X Factor.
Oops..Follows some Cheryl Cole Sexy Photoshoots for your collection.

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